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Welcome to Ija-foundation

This foundation, which is dedicating especially to old and handicapped people, has built in the name
of late smt. Bindeshwari Pande –IJA (xx February 1921- 5 June 2003). We try to live her dream
further which is to help those who needed it the most. During her entire life, she had been helping
people in every possible way. With these mission we have started this foundation to help those who
need our help for their basic needs (eg. Food,a blanket)

Currently, we feed 3-4 persons every month in India with our current available fund. These people
are mostly old and/or handicapped people.

Your contribution will be appreciated as we want to help more people and every single cent or
paisa will help them to get their bread. Your contribution will not only bring them food, but also
encourage and motivate us for more awareness to our society.

To be a part of helping hands, please find the details in us!


IJA-foundation  | ija-fondation@googlemail.com